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We are a company solving many of today's key business challenges through Presentational Development, Sales Enablement and Digital Learning. Our approach is evidence-based, and argue good business communication should be measured by audience comprehension, not corporate or personal preferences.

We craft messages and create customised visuals and illustrations ensuring key messages are delivered in an engaging and memorable way. Our expertise in Cognition allows us to focus on simplifying complexity, by creating a strong story structure and narrative especially in the area of Instructional Design.

We develop persuasive presentations specialising in corporate, sales and learning. Provide end-to-end sales tools, analytics, efficiencies and customisation, and deliver business skills courses through Digitally Blended & Collaborative Learning.


We cracked the code for
effectively incorporating the
Art & Science of Cognition into everyday business communication, enabling key messages to stick
with audiences, helping change Behaviour, Mindsets & Culture.

Problems We Help SOLVE

In SIX Key Business Areas

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Our Key Digital Learning MODULES 

Virtual, COLLABORATIVE & Digitally Blended


Our Digital Learning ECOSYSTEM

Presentational Development, Sales Enablement, Digitally Blended Learning

Why Learning Needs to Be 'SPACED'

Why is it So Important? Especially When Used Virtually

Spaced Learning is the key to learning retention, and it involves understanding memory. It is important because long term recall is rarely achieved in a one time event.


One of the most important things to realise is that there are three main types of memory: Sensory (where it first goes), Working Memory (where is is temporarily stored) and Long-Term Memory (where we want it to stay). This happens because learners have both a learning curve and a forgetting curve.

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How We Make it 'SPACED'

A Range of Learning Tools

To overcome the problem of learners forgetting information, we rely on a range of Tools & Techniques as well as our Cognitive and Instructional Design expertise. Most of our learning takes place over a period of time with Pre, During and Post modules delivered both Synchronously and Asynchronously.

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'SPACED' Learning is Measurable

Return on Investment, Corporate Collaboration & Scorecard Analytics

We use over 30 different EVIDENCE BASED Learning Actions in conjunction with Collaborative learning techniques. Our cognitively Space Learning strategies not only help people learn as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also minimise forgetting through understanding the cognitive process of REPETITION and the process of CHUNKING, which is breaking content into smaller chunks. The results are measurable!

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