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Where the world finds itself now in the corporate training world, interestingly, we
have been planning for a number of years. No, we are not fortune tellers, but we had identified that the traditional Face-to-Face learning was fast on the decline, and predicted that online, virtual or whatever it was going to end up being called was going to be very prevalent. Events since the start of 2020 were just an accelerant. Even before January 2020, all types of education was undergoing a transformation that will surely go on for a long time to come. The start of a life-determining journey that has broadly followed the same shape and rhythm for generations is surely dead.

In Academia, from Kindergarten to Year 12, classrooms are run by teachers who deliver lessons that start and end with a bell. They set tests, watch over examinations, and post grades that provoke many different reactions from parents. This one size fits all process that has been in place for over a couple of 100 years, is under considerable pressure and likely to go through change never seen before and not just because of the 'C' word. So what needs to change? Arguably, it is the skills of the teacher. Teachers are life servants to an educational cause, but right now they need help to learn and develop new skills that will help them AND their students.

Obviously, we don't have all the answers, but one thing we do have is over 30 years experience and skills in the corporate world in topics that are not commonly taught to teachers in Academic circles. It is a transition from a Teaching to a Learning Culture adapting selective evidence based Corporate Learning to Academic Learning..

Thankfully, we started our Digital Transformation a couple of years ago.
Building Digital & Technology 'TWINS' 

of our existing face-to-face learning.
Learning that needed to be relevant and adaptable to both Corporate and Academia as well as being Cognitive, Collaborative, Blended and Virtual. Most importantly, the learning needed to be linked measurably
to ROI, in a world that nobody had really anticipated, or frankly ever imagined.
Cognitive Storytelling™ is our solution.

Mark J. Stradling
Founder & Managing Director
Arcanum Asia Pte Ltd


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