The Presentation


a seemingly magical process of Transformation, Creation or Combination

Most presentations today are in effect some sort of sales pitch. The aim is to get someone to agree to buy something; whether that is an idea, a product, a solution, a concept, a service, a company or even yourself. It is one of the most important aspects of any company. What changes in almost every case is the message and structure. Using our proprietary presentation process called Slide Alchemy, we create presentations in three key categories for Companies, SME's Governments & Education. 1. Corporate 2. Sales 3. Learning & Development.

You don't give presentations
to yourself, so you should
always imagine life from
your audience's point of view.



Message, CONSISTENCY & Alignment

Pretty much everyone in a company these days can create a presentation. The software has evolved tremendously and usually available throughout the company. Everyone can access it.

However, therein also lies a problem. Lot's of different methods, systems, graphics, ideas and ways of doing things and typically what happens is many different versions. 


Using our proprietary process called Presentation Alchemy, we create end-to-end corporate presentations including Messaging, Visualisation, Storytelling, Graphics & Design and Development with full compliance and branding.

SALES & Sales Team Presentations

Evidence, VALUE PROPOSITION, The Big Idea​

Sales presentations should be cornerstone of any sales focused company, yet they aren’t usually given the time and attention they deserve. Typically thrown together at the last-minute, often sales executives stand up in front of an audience with nothing more than a glorified page of notes. 

Any sales team are only as good as the tools they have, so we ensure they are sent out with a world-class presentation that delivers engaging messages that close more deals. Sales Presentations should be visual, tell a compelling story, highlight a clear value proposition and 'The Big Idea', and align with audience needs and challenges, with a strong call-to-action ending.

We can either create the sales presentation for you, or a more economical alternative is to work remotely with your team.



Instructional Design to REDUCE Cognitive Load​

A growing necessity in business today is the ability to upskill and communicate effectively with workforces across multiple territories; while maintaining a consistent and high level of knowledge, expertise and skills. This is now happening virtually.

We can either start from scratch and build bespoke training, or adapt and refine existing courses into multiple formats.

With our expertise in understanding audience cognition, especially
in the areas of memory, attention, relevance and thinking, Arcanum is able to design and build learning courses that participants enjoy, thus making the overall learning process more effective, engaging and memorable. 80% of the presentations we build are for sales.


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