The Art & Science

of Presentations


We help individuals, organisations and education institutions worldwide present and communicate with greater impact and influence. We have developed a range of evidence based tools and techniques called Slide:Alchemy, which help presenters of all levels grow their confidence and communication skills to transform, create and deliver effective, engaging and memorable presentations.

Throughout the learning key slides (80:20) of the the presentation are adapted and refined, and presented back to colleagues for comments and critiquing which are then recorded in the Learning Management System in a collaborative way. Everyone contributes, and delegates more easily learn from each other.


Our courses can be semi-customised (last mile learning), typically to the company, industry and language. We have many different course durations to choose from. Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly depending on the required content, group size, objectives, learner availability, and levelof customisation required.

You can't properly articulate
any presentation narrative
without compelling evidence.

Opinions don't really matter.


& Cognitive


The Art & Science of ENGAGING Online Audiences

As if presenting to a face-to-face audiencence was not difficult enough, presenting to a virtual or remote audience is difficult ‘multiplied’. As public safety concerns have really encouraged us to change how we present, the changes we now need to make need to be the right ones. 

What you say and how you say it really does matter in a virtual presentation, so the skills required in both creating and delivering virtual presentations are quite different from the face-to-face version. Visualisation, Storytelling and Cognitive skills are crucial, but a lack of preparation is usually the main reason why virtual presentations fail.

'The Virtual & Cognitive Presenter' provides actionable skills for presenting in a virtual world. We will share evidence based techniques on how to hold the audiences attention, as well as practical advice, tips and tricks to boost a presenters confidence. Confidence comes from clarity.

Presentation Alchemy

a seemingly magical process of Transformation, Creation or Combination

‘Presentation Alchemy’ is one of the most comprehensive and complete presentation training courses available today. It teaches unique and evidence based skills and methodologies that we have learnt from our experiences of actually creating over
30, 000 slides for 150+ clients globally over a 15 year period. 


We decided to create a course to share the examples we are allowed to, and transfer the knowledge we have, to help companies and individuals understand what it takes to win new business, inspire colleagues and present visual stories that transform audiences the world over. Typically, it always comes down to Message, Visualisation, Storytelling and Cognition.


We also use many 'before and after' slides from the many hundreds of training sessions, workshops and seminars we have delivered.

Moving Beyond

Bullet Points

Develop Habits, Skills, Awareness & CONFIDENCE​

The content, look and feel and style of many presentations today, especially those from global organisations, is largely determined centrally, so at a local level there is less emphasis is on the actual development of presentation elements such as graphics, templates & fonts. because these are all pre-determined.

From the presenters point of view therefore, the importance shifts towards adding key ‘messages’ and the actual content ‘delivery’; so a new and different range of skills need to be developed in order to deliver presentations more professionally and with confidence such as visualisation, storytelling, design & cognition.


‘Moving Beyond Bullet Points’ is all about developing confidence. The better the presenters habits are, the better they will be in pressure situations, and learning new and different skills leads to a better understanding of the Why’s not just the How’s of easily delivering engaging, effective and memorable presentations.


& Cognitive


The Art & Science of PERSUASIVE Presentations​

Presentations today are too important to leave to software 'AutoContent wizards' like Bullet Points and Clipart. They are a vital and integral part of a company’s communication strategy; necessary in order to develop and maintain a real competitive advantage.

When a presentation is developed and delivered well, it is one of the most powerful business tools available, and therefore should be a core focus for any business regularly communicating information or ideas to audiences internally or externally. Presentations need focus.

Presentations That

Change Minds

CHANGE Sales Conversations With Presentations​

Turning an audience around to your way of thinking is a great skill to have. Whether you want someone to buy your product, service, solution, learn from your experience or just to trust your vision; each requires a different strategy which needs to be reflected in the message, structure and delivery a business presentation.

It is a commonly held belief that knowing your audience is the key to a persuasive communication. However,  if you really want to be persuasive in communication, the most important thing to know about your audience is how they actually make decisions. 

Audiences generally base their decisions on reasoning and emotions, so Presentations That Change Minds teach our proprietary process of evidence based tools & techniques called Slide Alchemy, which effectively teaches how to unlock the power of persuasion with proven strategies.


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