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a seemingly magical process of Transformation, Creation or Combination

All of our Sales Training courses are digitally blended and use the Learning Circle approach of Collaborative and On-The-Job learning. We use a unique combination of Pre, During and Post modules designed to engage learners over a specific period of time. As all learners have 'Forgetting Curves' as well as 'Learning Curves' our 'Spaced Learning' approach ensures a more measurable Return on Investment.

Our own tool, Digital Sales Optimisation, generates sales team scorecards, which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the sales team. This then leads to a recommendation on the required learning which can be delivered in multiple formats.The end result is a sales team working effectively & efficiently producing results in line with business objectives. 


Our courses can be semi-customised (last mile learning), typically to the company, industry and language, and we have many different course durations to choose from. Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly depending on the required content, group size, objectives, learner availability, and level of customisation required.

Much of selling today still revolves around human behaviour, especially when selling virtually. Selling skills alone are typically now not sufficient
to succeed, which is why simple
Cognitive Skills are a core feature
of all our Sales Learning courses.

Essential Selling Skills

CHANGING the Sales Conversation​

Globalisation, the explosion in competition, and fast-emerging technologies have all changed buying habits. Salespeople can no longer rely on the traditional sales methodologies, so adaptation of basic skills are now more important than ever. 

Essential Selling Skills develops and refreshes ten of the core selling skills and disciplines that all salespeople need to become more effective such as closing, handling objections, asking the right questions and using a structured process.


Essential Selling Skills is for all sales people, but particularly ones that have not have any form of professional training. One of the core features of the course are the 40+ learning actions we pack into it, giving delegates confidence to use the skills immediately.

Essential Sales 


A FOCUSED Approach to Sales Management​

There are few more critical positions in any organisation than sales managers, yet many find themselves promoted to the job without any formal training, and are typically considered because of their selling skills, not management skills.

The job requires a new set of skills which is now managing a team of people, so success for sales management hinges on developing an extensive range of new and very different skills that need to be learned quickly and easily. 


Essential Sales Management identifies what Managers need to do and just as importantly, understand how to do it.

Professional Sales 

& Negotiation

Building Customer RELATIONSHIPS and Teams​

Dealing with larger, more complex customers and maintaining relationships over the long term requires some additional skills. 

The focus for Professional Sales & Negotiation is in developing ‘specific’ skills that will improve the chances of success, such as understanding how to sell value, how do identify and capitalise upon emotional drivers and understanding how to negotiate more effectively, especially when selling virtually.

Selling & Presenting

In the Cloud

The ART & SCIENCE of Cloud Based Selling & Presenting​

Due to the geographic decentralisation of key decision makers, advancements in video technology social responsibility initiatives and new social distancing practices, face-to-face selling is now on the decline. Virtual Selling and with it Virtual Presenting are skills that every sales person and sales team needs to adopt.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about how to set up your virtual office and how to look professional in front of your customer; especially when you are using a presentation to sell with. Virtual presentations need to change just as much as the actual sales conversation needs to.

We place a lot of emphasis on presenting proposals and asking for the close virtually. Delegates will learn how to close and handle negotiations using digital platforms and how to develop and correctly use a customised virtual sales presentation.

In The Real World

Everyone Sells

Sales for NON-SALES  People

With sales being so important in most organisations, people who are not actually in a sales role still need to sell internally be it a product, and idea, a concept, a solution, or a proposition.


Typical scenarios would be trying to convince a manager to develop a new product, introduce a new system into a team, or even coming into contact with clients and having the opportunity to sell products and services. For these occasions it helps to have a basic understanding of the sales process; but without all the pushy sales tricks, even if you don’t work in a formal sales role.


In The Real World Everyone Sells is a course that teaches a Solution Selling approach for all Non-Sales People to help them through the minefield of successful selling. The course is especially suitable for technical executives and professionals.


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