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All of our specialist courses are linked to Presentation Skills, Sales Enablement, Digital Learning and Train-The-Trainer. While extracts of these topics are in all of our learning modules in some capacity, these courses and modules have been specifically designed to give a broader range of knowledge of the topic, but follow the same methodology and are delivered in the same way.

The business education
required over a lifetime requires
us to upskill and learn new topics.
Executives now need different learning content to be
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Design Learning for HOW People Learn​

Designed especially for people who are involved in training, Effective Knowledge Transfer is an evidence based ‘train the trainer’ course on the psychology of learning, and the processes required to deliver engaging and effective instructional content and expertise, irrespective of the training topic or industry.


Trainers of all types will benefit and discover how some of the key principles behind learning; such as visualisation, perception, memory, cognition and attention, affect the ability to engage audiences, and their retention of the knowledge. It explains all the Why’s behind the How’s which are so important when training.

This course will improve your overall instructional design and delivery, as it translates empirical evidence into actionable & measurable guidelines.


in a Bottle

Creating & Delivering DIFFERENT Messages That COUNT

Finding interesting patterns and making meaningful connections for business messages has emerged as one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. To make messages more effective and engaging, it is necessary to employ an innovative mix of storytelling, visuals and cognition to help them stick.

Identifying and articulating your intended messages, and delivering them to a variety of audiences with impact and clarity is possibly one of the most important parts of any business, so 'Messaging in a Bottle' teaches five types of messaging techniques for Corporate, Sales, Learning, New Business and Stakeholders. 

Great messaging can provide the catalyst for meaningful change, but success is usually down to how the information is presented. As the way in which audiences actually receive messages differs from medium to medium, using a variety of different messaging techniques for each occasion yields a great return on investment.

Thinking With

Our Eyes

So Audiences Can SEE What You Are SAYING​

‘Information graphics’ are an effective form of visual communication that blends data with design, helping individuals and organisations concisely communicate messages to their audiences. Some have literally changed the world with their brilliance and simplicity.


The explosion of data created, and content shared in business today has fundamentally changed the way we need to communicate, and most research continues to demonstrate that business storytelling is by far one of the most effective ways to connect to audiences globally.


Typically, few of us have been trained in the area of good design practices, so this course is for all people who would like to learn the art and science of the visual display of quantitative information.

Visual Cognition 

For Everyday Design

Understand WHY Audiences SEE What They See

Most of us are required to create some form of visuals in our business; usually in the area of presentations. However, presentation software actually requires us to think visually, and shifting from verbal expression to visual expression is not a natural transition without some form of graphic skills training.


By understanding just a little about how Visual Cognition works, it is possible for non-designers to start to see and think like a designer as there are simple evidence based rules, theories and principles of what works and what does not work visually.

'Visual Cognition for Everyday Design' delves into the Art & Science of how anyone can engage audiences with great visuals, by understanding the WHY's and not just the HOW's of effective visuals and the reasons they work.


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