The Science

of Stories

a profound secret or mystery known only to a few
a secret and powerful remedy; an elixir; specialised knowledge

Although most of us hardly realise it, our business narrative plays a huge role in our everyday lives. We tell stories unconsciously, especially in our everyday communication with existing and potential clients and of course colleagues.
Arcanum focuses on SIX core ideologies, and the reason why we do what we do. Typically these are the things that keep us up at night; and they all have a profound impact on the problems we solve for our clients and the solutions we offer them.


If you can picture it and it
does not work that's OK.
But if you can't picture it,
it's not going to happen.

What Keeps US up at NIGHT?

The Voices in YOUR Head!

Helping those people who have to deliver important Presentations, get new Sales contracts and Conduct all types of Learning, and get 'visits' the night before from strange people with teeth, smiles and moustaches causing doubt and confusion!


About Mark J. Stradling

Helping Companies SOLVE Today's CHALLENGES

Mark Stradling is a cognitive communication and training specialist with over 40 years global experience.

In 2006, Mark founded Arcanum to help companies understand the importance and value of creating great messaging using a blend of visualisation, storytelling and cognition through virtual & visual training classes, workshops, presentations, seminars using state-or the art

Mark cracked the code to effectively incorporate the Art & Science of Cognition into everyday business communications, enabling key messages to stick with audiences, helping change behaviour, mindsets and culture. Confidence in the workplace comes from clarity.

Before starting his own business, Mark was managing in the corporate world with global corporations based in Europe such as Alcan (FMCG), Heuga (Carpets), Sirdar (Textiles), and in Asia, Reed (Publishing) The Grey Group (Media) & Emap (Publishing); along the way developing a range of proprietary training, learning, presentations and sales tools that would be put to good use in Arcanum.

Over the years Mark has created more than 35,000 presentation slides, amassed over 500,000 graphics & visuals and trained over 10,000 people, and has been involved in many global projects and pitches for Governments, SME's and Multinationals. He is widely regarded as a pioneer, leader and expert in the field of Cognitive Presentational Design as well as the Development & Evidence Based Instructional Design & Efficiency designed to manage cognitive overload in a data overloaded world.


Cognitive Storytelling @ Work


As the saying goes, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is our ability to generate information is now far exceeding our capacity to understand it.


The good news is our brains are perfectly wired for visual communication using a visual language which is based on the way we all perceive and process information. Cognitively Storytelling with visuals is up to six times more effective than communicating with words alone.

In 90 minutes Mark will change the way you think about visual communication by sharing tips and examples of how the visualisation of data can be quickly and easily applied to everyday business, making it more effective and engaging. Audiences attention being key.


Most importantly, Mark will demonstrate that the evaluation of good visual communication should be measured by audience comprehension, and the ability to aid recall, not corporate or personal preferences. Stories start with a Storyboard which can then be visualised into Info Graphics. It is all about the journey. Not the # of slides.


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